suggest 的用法有三种,而三种会有相同或相似的意思。用法的结构可能会有点复杂丶不好掌握,因此请注意细节。suggest 可以直接在后面接动名词,或接所有格形容词 + 动名词,而这里的动名词就不是指句子的主词了。

  • He suggested going to Glastonbury.
  • He suggested my going to Glastonbury.
  • I suggested visiting your grandmother.
  • I suggested your visiting your grandmother.

suggest 也可以接 that + 主词 + should + 动词的句型,但在这些子句中,that 和 should 都可以省略不用,直接将主词接在动词 suggest 后即可。

  • He suggests that I should go to New York.
  • He suggests that I go to New York.
  • He suggests I should go to New York.
  • He suggests I go to New York.

如果语境已经清楚地表达意思,suggest 后面就可以接名词。

  • What kind of ice cream are you having? I suggest chocolate.
  • I suggest Jim for this project.
  • He suggested the Toyota Prius instead of another hybrid car.
  • If you are allergic to hair, I suggest a bird or a fish as a pet.

最后,suggest 可以接疑问词 + 不定词

  • He suggested where to go.
  • I suggested what to see.
  • You suggested when to leave.
  • They suggested which coat to buy.