come + 动名词就如其他接动名词的行进动词一样,意指主词在移动的同时正在做某事。

  • She came running across the field.
  • The horse came racing around the corner.
  • My dog always comes bounding out of the car.
  • When I call you, please come running.

come + 不定词有「某件事的发生或发展」之意,有可能不在主词的控制之中。

  • At first I thought he was crazy, but I've come to appreciate his sense of humour.
  • How did you come to be outside the wrong house?
  • The book has come to mean something quite different for me.
  • I have come to see that you were right all along.

在另一种 come + 不定词的用法上,不定词是用来表示「过来」的意图,跟其他接不定词的行进动词用法很类似。

  • I came to see the new exhibition.
  • We came to watch a movie.
  • Will you come to eat dinner?